Wendy’s Championship: pre-tourney interviews

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LPGA has posted interviews of defending champion Catriona Matthew, Annika, Paula Creamer, and Morgan Pressel. Money lines:

Q. Is there is a chance these younger players have sort of piqued your interest again, competitive‑wise, in terms of trying to prove that as an older player you still have it.

ANNIKA SORENSTAM: You keep referring to me as a veteran and old (laughter). No, I mean, like I said, I think it’s exciting to see the new generation. But having said that, I have personal goals. And whether there is a young one or veteran pushing me, or whatever, then that really doesn’t matter. I do this for myself. My goals are very personal. And I need to feel good about myself and my game. And this generation of young girls is not new. I mean, we’ve been having these young players come up, like Lorena, for example, Natalie, and so forth. This is something that happens every year, you get a new, fresh face. So the only thing I’ve got to do is, you know, if I want to stay competitive, I’m going to continue to play really hard and push myself. Otherwise, somebody else will take my spot.
Q. Are those initials on your earrings?

PAULA CREAMER: No. It says Dior.

Q. Is that an endorsement?


Q. Not yet.

PAULA CREAMER: Jay, get on that one!
Q. Meg said yesterday she wanted you to play the red tees today (paired with her in the Pro-Am). Did you do that?

MORGAN PRESSEL: I didn’t do it today. They kept bugging me. I think the 4th hole, the tee is a par 5, the tee is 120 yards up. Go play. I’ll go play. Meg is like, “No, you haven’t done it the whole way.” I was going to on a couple of holes, but she said no.

Q. Did you help on any holes with your approaches?

MORGAN PRESSEL: Yeah, I helped sometimes. What kind of a question is that (laughter)?

Q. You have a reputation for being willing to work. If you’re not involved in a competition, you’re back home, between conditioning, practice, how much time might you devote in a day?

MORGAN PRESSEL: Am I in school? We’ll go I’m in school. I go to school until 2:30, 2:45 on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, 3:30 on Monday and Wednesday. I’ll get home, change, go out to the range. I’ll practice and then go out and play until just about till it gets dark. On weekends, I’ll be playing ‑‑ I’ll go out and play 18, practice before, practice after. Probably six or seven hours on the weekends at least.

Q. How do you fit dinner in?

MORGAN PRESSEL: Usually two minutes and 30 seconds Spaghettios in the microwave. I wolf it down in about 20 seconds. I eat really fast, so that works well. I eat fast and read slow. I have to spend extra time.


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