Women’s British Open final interviews and pics

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Money line from the Champion Jeong Jang.

Q. Were you nervous at the start playing with Annika?

JEONG JANG: I’m nervous. I get up at 7:30, I couldn’t sleep last night. I just slept like a couple of hours, I think maybe three hours. Get up at 7:30, just hang out in my room, play my Game Boy. I didn’t really notice, but I was nervous on the course, kind of surprised that I did but really nervous right now, but I was nervous on the course.

Q. What game do you play on your Game Boy?

JEONG JANG: I play, Tiger Woods Golf. I think it helps my golf game.

Q. Why?

JEONG JANG: Because I can hit it far and I can’t, even like, for sure, like putting lines and everything, and it shows the wind, that really helps my golf game I think. I started last year and that helped.
Cool pics (via TGC)
1. Michelle Wie winning low amateur
2. Annika teeing off
3. Jeong Jang celebrating victory and here and here


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