One fan’s lucky day: caddy for Natalie?

mulligan, 03 September 2005, Comments Off on One fan’s lucky day: caddy for Natalie?
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Natalie Gulbis’s website (go to NG features) has this endearing story about how one of Natalie’s fans got to caddy (err, drive the golf cart) for her during the Pro-Am at Wendy’s. So how big star is Natalie’s star attraction? Well, let’s see, she was put in the foursome of the CEO and the CFO of Wendy’s, plus 2 other big wigs of Wendy’s. Now, we’re talking — Natalie, straight to the Top.

Anyway, Matt Conway, the lucky soul, raved about Natalie, finding her not only “the most beautiful woman in the world,” but also “very nice, very sweet,” and “so friendly and down to earth.” Wow, that’s a compliment if I ever saw one. But who can fault this guy for a little hyperbole? There’s no disputing the sweetness factor.


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