Question of the Month: Annika or Tiger?

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We’re upping the ante once more: you can win a free dozen golf balls of your choice. That’s right, ProV1, Nike One Platinum, … you name it. Just give us the best answer to September’s Question of the Month:

Who had the better or more impressive year, Annika or Tiger, and why?

As of today, here are their victories this year: Annika: 2 Majors, 4 LPGA victories, 1 non-LPGA victory; Tiger: 2 Majors, 3 PGA victories. But you can tell us what should be the most important criteria for The Golfer of the Year thus far in your comment (including whether you think the upcoming play at the Solheim Cup and President’s Cup is even relevant). And you’ve got to pick one, Annika or Tiger — you can’t call it a draw (or fade!).

1. Only 1 entry per person under the following stipulations: Enter by posting “comment” to this entry. Each commenter who posts before Sept. 25 gets the chance to post a 2nd comment after the conclusion of the President’s Cup on Sept. 25, 2005. The 2nd comment is limited to “updating” your earlier post to consider any golf play this month, including Annika’s play in the Solheim Cup and Tiger’s in the President’s Cup. If you post for the 1st time after Sept. 25, 2005, you only get 1 comment.
2. Everyone can post a “comment” to answer this month’s Question, but if you’d like a chance at the prize you must use a username when you comment so we can identify you later on. Selecting a username on Blogger takes a minute, is very easy, and doesn’t have to be your real name.
3. In a tie, a good comment posted earlier in time will beat the same comment posted by someone else later.


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