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mulligan, 29 September 2005, Comments Off on Random Golf Musings
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So it has been a good bit of time since my last post. In fact, I am not exactly sure what my last post was, but I’d have to guess it was something about my experience at the LPGA event in Columbus or possibly the Solheim Cup. I am not quite sure why I took a long trip to the 19th hole and stopped blogging about golf. Maybe it is the fact that I started a new job, maybe it is the fact that I have started bowling in a few bowling leagues here in Lima, Ohio and have not really played much golf, but I’m going to have to probably face the facts that I was just burnt out…

Yes, I watched the Solheim Cup and the President’s Cup. I have also been watching the great play and story of Ryan Moore, who is attempting to get his tour card the hard way. (Finishing in the top 125 via sponsors exemptions). I am watching Bill Haas, who is one of my favorite young players, attempt to get his card through the Nationwide Tour (he currently stands at 16th on the money list and maybe this is why his father Jay has not been playing much and when he has, it has not been pretty). I was watching sectional qualifying of the LPGA tour where both Morgan Pressel and Brittany Lang made it to the next round (Pressel shot 63).

However, this past weekend, I played in “The Fall Invitational” which was put on by one of my fraternity brothers and his co-workers. The Fall Invitational pits two teams of 8 together in a Ryder Cup style format. We play Fourball (best ball) and then Foursomes (alternate shot) in the morning on Friday. On Saturday, we play Foursomes then Fourball. Finally on Sunday, we play singles matches.

Honestly, it was probably the poorest I have hit the ball in recent memory. My golf swing felt completely foreign. I would be within 100 yards and instead of hitting it within 10-20 feet–I was lucky to hit the green. I missed some fairways so badly, that if I had hit the ball on a driving range, I might not have kept the ball on the range. It was actually fairly disheartening playing so poorly. But, I remembered why I love this game.

Even though I played poorly, the friendships and people I met during this event were amazing. For instance, I played with a lawyer from a large Ohio lawfirm who I had never met previously. Little did we know that we had a bunch of mutual friends. In fact, I honestly can say that most of the people I’ve met through golf are class acts. And those in the “golfing fraternity” always seem to be willing to help other “golfing fraternity” members out.

So I guess, I’m going to start posting a bit more about my thoughts and experiences from golf and some other random stuff that I find interesting from the golf world. Also, I’d be willing to take suggestions from those readers of thegolfblog.com. So fire away!


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