Shootout: Jason Gore vs. Annika, Paula, Natalie, etc.

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The Golf Channel is airing the Kraft Nabisco Shootout, with the following pairs, best ball: Jason Gore/Troy Matteson (from Nationwide) , Annika/Paula Creamer, and Natalie Gulbis/Julie Inkster. Great pairings: Gore, Matteson, and Annika all won on Sunday! Apparently, the sponsors of the tournament got an earful from Douglas ranting and raving about having more crossover events (see here and here). They finally got sick of all that whining.

UPDATE: It was a fun event, and the women won.
1. Annika/Paula – won the most money for charity, capturing 2 holes plus carryovers (1 by Paula, but the money 8th hole by Annika).
2. Jason Gore/Troy Matteson – needed a birdie on the last hole to avoid placing last, capturing 2 skins and 2 holes (both by Jason Gore).
3. Natalie Gulbis/Julie Inkster – Natalie had some “stuffed” wedges, birdieing 2 holes and capturing 1 skin.

Best “money” line, from Julie Inkster: When asked about how it was playing with Natalie, Julie praised her charisma, good head on her shoulders, and then quipped: “And I wish I could wear my shorts as short as Natalie.” Natalie then proceeded to stand next to Julie, to compare their shorts length while in the process showing off her tanned legs.

Is Douglas right, after all?: After the round, Jason Gore said he was really impressed with the women, said they were even better than he imagined. They hit it straight and have great wedge play. Yeah, and they beat you. Kaye Cockerill even asked the Douglas question: “How would you like to get an invite to play on the women’s tour?” Jason smiled and punted, “I don’t think they’d invite me.” Sure, they would, Jason, … just wait until Douglas is in charge.


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