Supreme Court justices, their golf handicaps

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As promised here (sort of), we’re beefing up our coverage of the Supreme Court and golf. The late Chief Justice William Rehnquist, who passed away over the weekend, was an avid tennis player and sports enthusiast, but apparently not a golfer. As I noted earlier, the man who President Bush has now tapped to become the Chief Justice — Judge John Roberts (who is a former law clerk to Rehnquist) — is a big golfer and, according to Golf Digest, sports a 14.5 handicap. Roberts is also a big squash player.

Other Justices and handicaps:

Justice Sandra Day O’Connor – 12.8. Very impressive, as fitting for this justice. At age 75, and with her ailing husband, probably not playing as much, if at all, as before.

Justice John Paul Stevens – 25.2. Justice Stevens lives in Florida all year, so you might expect his handicap to be lower. But remember he is the oldest justice on the Court, at the age of 85, so this handicap is very respectable. Stevens wrote the now famous Casey Martin decision, allowing him to play with a cart on the PGA tour.


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