TGB Go Clubbing: Review of the TaylorMade Rossa Monza Corza

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I had the opportunity to try the TaylorMade Rossa Monza Corza putter this season, and after putting with it one time, I never went back to my Odyssey 2-ball putter.

As I described my golf game in my review of the Taylor Made Rescue Dual TP Model, I am a consistent three handicap and played college golf at Ohio Wesleyan University. And I have always been a fairly good putter; however over the past couple seasons, I had been struggling with my putting stroke.

In college, I putted with a Odyssey Rossie II and made everything I looked at. However, I ended up developing a bad case of the yips during my sophomore season. So I switched to the “saw”, which is more like how Mark Calcavecchia putts rather than Chris DiMarco putts. And I started to make more and more putts. Then I switched to the Odyssey 2-Ball putter, because I did not feel like I was rolling the ball very well. I always had difficulty lining up the 2-Ball, so this year I attempted to forgo the claw and went back to the conventional style of putting that I used when I was in high school and my early years in college. That did not work out so well, and during a tournament that I played in this summer, my father said while caddying for me: “If you don’t switch your putting stroke, you can carry your own bag.” So I switched back to the claw, and then putt the Rossa Monza Corza into my bag. And the putter has not left my bag since.

I really like the way that the putter looks. It is a very simple mallet and has a clear line across the top of the putter, allowing me to line up the putter easily. The next thing I noticed was that the putter was pretty heavy, yet went through the hitting zone with extreme ease. The putter also comes with two 6 oz weights in the back of it, and I have used a set of 8 oz weights in it, but I believe the 6 oz weights feel better in the putter. I also noticed that my typical off the heal putt, seemed to roll with good consistency. In fact, I started to make a bunch more putts.

The Rossa Monza Corza putter has a red AGSI (Anti-skid Groove System Insert) face, which is gives the putter a very distinctive look. Also, the putter cover uses a magnet instead of velcro and so far the cover has not fallen apart like both of my Odyssey putter covers did. Finally, the putter grip is a distinctive red and black; however, the red portion of my putter has not maintained its color. Nevertheless, a discolored putter grip does not detract from my love for this putter.

Bottom Line: I have let a few of my friends try this putter, and two of them have purchased their own Rossa Monza Corza. This putter has given me some great confidence in my putting stroke and I cannot wait to get to the greens now!! I would strongly suggest this putter for anyone in the putter market.

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