USGA rules changes

mulligan, 28 September 2005, Comments Off on USGA rules changes
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The USGA has approved over 100 rules changes for next year, including allowing GPS or rangefinders at the discretion of the tournament organizers. Beautiful, I love it, new technology.

Unfortunately, these changes did NOT make the final cut:

1. Allowing one mulligan per round.

2. Automatic “gimmees” to speed up play if the putt is “within the leather,” except if a long, belly, or hammy putter, in which case you have to putt out.

3. If you want to hit your driver “off the deck” (fairway), you can go ahead and tee it up.

4. 1 practice swing allowed in a sand bunker.

5. “10-shot Mercy rule”: If you hit 10 shots on 1 hole, you have to pick up your ball and take a 10 for the hole.


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