Who picked this weekend for the Solheim Cup?

mulligan, 10 September 2005, Comments Off on Who picked this weekend for the Solheim Cup?
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The US team came up big in the morning matches on Saturday, taking 3 of 4 to square the Solheim competition at 6-6. Based on the TV coverage on The Golf Channel, the energy on the terrific-looking course from the players and the fans seems amazing. It looks like the event will go down to the wire tomorrow, and I am already excited thinking about how Nancy Lopez plans to set up the US order for the Sunday singles matches.

Too bad no one will be watching the Solheim Cup, because some genius scheduled the event on what just happens to be the most crowded sports weekend of the year!

This afternoon, my Solheim Cup watching is going on at the same time that I am rooting for Notre Dame to beat Michigan in football on ABC, rooting for the Yankees to beat the Red Sox in baseball on FOX, and rooting for Andre Agassi to advance to the finals at the US Open on CBS. And tomorrow, the Solheim Cup finish will be up against the opening weekend of the NFL!

I am sure it is hard to find a a good time for the Solheim Cup, but the Solheim scheduling team could not have possibly picked a worse weekend if they tried. What a damn shame, a major blunder, and a terrible missed opportunity for women’s golf.


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