Why Does the US Team Look Confused??

mulligan, 10 September 2005, Comments Off on Why Does the US Team Look Confused??
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I had the opportunity to take my lunch break yesterday and watch the end of the morning foursomes Solheim Cup matches on The Golf Channel. (Morning Foursome results are here.)

While at work, I noticed that the US Team was off to a great start. Daniel and Creamer were 2up thru 14; Kim and Hurst were 3up thru 14; and Redman and Diaz were 4up thru 12. So I figured the US Team would continue their momentum and would be leading after the morning 3 to 1. But, then I left work and came home and watched the European team, in true Euro form, make the US team look silly.

Daniel and Creamer ended up halving their match. Kim and Hurst also halved their match. And Redman and Diaz lost their match, which required them to lose 5 of the last 6 holes.

I was at the Solheim Cup press conference when they announced the team, and I personally witnessed Creamer’s infamous comment. Having been there, I figured the US Team would be ready to go. They looked confident, excited to play, and full of good team chemistry.

However, when I watched the end of the morning foursomes, I almost threw something at the TV. The US Team looked like they had nothing. Annika and Pettersen were making bombs. Christina Kim, bless her heart, looked like she was trying to lead her softball team to victory. But, it appeared she was so interested in leading cheers, that she did not realize that the European team was laying the smack down on her and Pat Hurst.

Anyways, I hope the leadership of the US Team is ready to get the team ready to go. Because I love this style of tournament.


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