Daly v. Woods

mulligan, 09 October 2005, Comments Off on Daly v. Woods
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The AMEX turned out to be one of the most exciting tournaments of the year, perhaps matching the excitement of the duel between Tiger and Phil at the Ford Championship where they matched shot for shot.

Today, it was John Daly’s tournament to lose. Up by a stroke and safely on the 17th hole, JD looked poised to win. An unforced error, 3-putt from 30 feet, though, cost JD. Daly had a chance to win with a 20 footer on the final hole that was on line, but stopped short by less than a foot. Playoff with Tiger, now. It doesn’t get better than this!

Playoff hole 1 (on 18): Tiger just bombed a drive way out there, some 340 yards. Not to be outdone, JD just launched his 10 yards past Tiger’s. Tiger stuck his wedge to 2 feet, but the backspin rolled it back onto the fringe. JD then kinda chunked his wedge, which rolled back to the fringe, too. 2 putts for JD, 2 putts for Tiger.

Playoff hole 2 (on 16): Tiger tees off with 2-iron stinger. Taking a gamble to drive the green, Daly uses driver and slices it into the trees. 2 balls fall out of the trees — Daly’s gets the better lie. Tiger hit his wedge shot a little short, from 70 plus out. Meanwhile, JD took a huge whack with this lob wedge, hitting it 60 plus yards to about 20 feet. The fans go nuts. Tiger hits an awesome putt, 1 roll short, though. JD hits a nice putt, but it slides by 1 1/2 feet. Fans start running to the 17th hole. JD steps up to putt, but hits it poorly and it lips out on the edge — oh, no, not another 3 putt!! Daly looked like he flat out pulled it the left, although he was above the hole so there might have been some break. Tiger kinda of looks in disbelief. Dude, what a let down. Someone tell the fans to stop running to 17.

Final parting shot: I love John Daly, but when you 3-putt twice on 17th and then on the 2nd playoff hole, you’ve committed the unforced error that we weekend hacks fall prey to. It’s hard to believe, especially after the amazing lob wedge from the woods on the final playoff hole. We know JD likes to play really fast, but maybe a little bit more time in lining up those putts and getting focused?

UPDATE: Here’s a pic of Daly’s missed putt. Based on the TV telecast, I had it at a foot and a half.


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