email from Tiger: always a Cardinal

mulligan, 14 October 2005, Comments Off on email from Tiger: always a Cardinal
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How cool is this: while in SF for the AMEX World Golf Championship (which he won), Tiger visited his alma mater. “While I was in town, I drove down to Stanford and spent the afternoon with the men’s golf team. Conrad Ray, my former teammate and now the coach invited me to have lunch with the guys and it was fun rapping with them. Most of them hope to play professionally some day and were full of questions. Afterward, we went down to the driving range and I hit some shots for the men’s and women’s teams. I showed them how to hit flop shots and work the ball both ways and we had a good time. Of course, they all wanted me to hit driver.”

Furyk fan: “I lobbied ahead of time to play with Jim Furyk and we had a great time together. We have similar games, are very intense and meshed well as a team, going 2-0-1. It was refreshing to play out of the fairway so often, something I don’t always do, and he made so many clutch putts. I look forward to playing with him again next year in the Ryder Cup, if I make the team.” Pretty funny, Tiger.


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