Michelle Wie: would’ve placed 4th, but DQ’d

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Wow, Michelle Wie received a very rude welcome to the LPGA: DISQUALIFIED, girl. She would have placed 4th, shooting -8 for the tourney, but the LPGA reviewed her drop today for an unplayable lie from yesterday on the 7th hole after she drove her ball into the bush. I saw it happening yesterday, but am still not quite sure what Michelle did wrong. More here. She did eventually place her ball down, as I recall, presumably after 2 unsuccessful tries to drop the ball no closer to the hole. Please comment if you have the explanation from the LPGA.

Oh, see our last post: Annika won going away, at -19, 8 strokes over Paula Creamer. Natalie Gulbis tied for 5th at 7-under — or maybe it’s fourth, given Michelle Wie’s DQ.

UPDATE: The ruling was that Michelle Wie’s drop was closer to the hole — by 3 inches according to her now, by 12-15 inches according to the LPGA rules official. On the NBC video, the LPGA rules official Robert O. Smith admitted that it was inconclusive. But the LPGA rules official took Michelle and her caddie back onto the course after the 4th round, even though the alleged rules infraction occurred during the 3rd round. So how can we be sure that this “recreation” of events on the day after was accurate??

“I don’t feel like I cheated,” Michelle said after the DQ. “I was honest out there. I did what I thought was right. I was pretty confident. If I did it again, I’d still do that. It looked right to me.”


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