NASCAR in the driver seat; PGA in rear view

mulligan, 28 October 2005, Comments Off on NASCAR in the driver seat; PGA in rear view
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As we’ve discussed in several posts in the past, the PGA must negotiate new TV contracts this fall. And it’s more than likely the PGA won’t be getting the same kind of sweetheart deal that it was able to secure in 2001 at the height of Tiger Woods’s run. The networks ended up losing something like $50 million by some accounts. Apparently, people just don’t watch much golf.

The most interesting part of the story to me, though, is how NASCAR is driving the negotiations. TV networks want to strike deals with NASCAR after NBC announced that it won’t be seeking to extend its current contract (see here). So golf is playing second fiddle to NASCAR in the upcoming negotiations. Can you blame the TV networks?

Apparently, NASCAR commands a Nielson rating in the 5.0 – 6.0 range. PGA golf, a paltry 2.0-3.0 range. For those of you who still doubt that the LPGA can catch up to the PGA, just wait. The gap is not large as you think, and the only golfer who has the potential to duplicate the Tiger phenomenon is Michelle Wie. By the way, if you are a NASCAR fan, can you share what you think is so great about it.


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