Bart Bryant: late bloomer

mulligan, 07 November 2005, Comments Off on Bart Bryant: late bloomer
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He’s 42 years old and balding, and a journeyman golfer before this year. But then, back in June, he won The Memorial, Jack’s tournament. And, yesterday, he won The Tour Championship — by 6 strokes over the elite golfers in the field. Bart Bryant, you’ve finally arrived.

One insider has told me that Bart Bryant is an impostor — he’s really Tom Lehman in disguise. Well, you be the judge — pic of Bart v. pic of Tom. Lehman doesn’t hit the fade, so I’m pretty skeptical about this claim. Bart was throwing darts yesterday with laser-like precision, including left to right. I must confess, though, I’ve never seen Bart and Tom together.


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