The New Skins Game

mulligan, 28 November 2005, Comments Off on The New Skins Game
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Some people have written in suggesting that Annika should be canned from the Skins Game. I agree. She played remarkably well (including that eagle on 9) her first year, but, for the past two years, she’s been blanked. As Mulligan said, yesterday Annika played like a 15-handicapper on the final two holes right when she could have won the whole kit and kaboodle. Fred Funk bested Annika at her own game: accuracy. By the way, Funkie has had a great year winning the TPC and being the big winner at the Skins game.

So who should play in the Skins Game next year?

Tiger Woods is a shoe-in. He hasn’t done well in the Skins Game, but, hey, who the heck cares? I’d change the format, though, to have 2-person teams playing best-ball for the skins. I’d pair Tiger Woods with his “favorite” playing partner Phil Mickelson, just for the perverse drama of seeing yin and yang reunite.

Then, on the other team, I’d pair Ernie Els with Michelle Wie — the Big Easy with Big Wiesy.

Just for fun, I’d field a six-some. I’m kinda torn, but I’ll have to go with John Daly and Laura Davies. Or, if you really want some “Skin,” sub in Natalie Gulbis.


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