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Natalie show, Episode 3

Yazan: mulligan | 28 November 2005 | Comments Off on Natalie show, Episode 3
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This week, Natalie’s at the Michelob Ultra Open. I remember way back when the promo for this show had both former beau Ben Roethlisberger and Natalie’s gal pal Cristie Kerr. I’m not sure, but both may have hit the chopping block. Now we get Danielle.

The New Skins Game

Yazan: mulligan | 28 November 2005 | Comments Off on The New Skins Game
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Some people have written in suggesting that Annika should be canned from the Skins Game. I agree. She played remarkably well (including that eagle on 9) her first year, but, for the past two years, she’s been blanked. As Mulligan said, yesterday Annika played like a 15-handicapper on the final two holes right when she […]

Fred Funk wins Skins Game and $925K

Yazan: mulligan | 27 November 2005 | Comments Off on Fred Funk wins Skins Game and $925K
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OK, so he started out by wearing a skirt after Annika outdrove him on Hole No. 3. But Fred Funk proved that you don’t necessarily need length to score, if you have accuracy. Funk eagled No. 9 yesterday, and today he hit a 3-wood onto the par-5 18th hole, where he 2 putted for birdie. […]

The Wie report

Yazan: mulligan | 26 November 2005 | Comments Off on The Wie report
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Dear diary, I missed the cut by 1 stroke at the Casio Open in Japan. It was very disappointing. But, hey, look on the brightside: at least I didn’t get DQ’d. Just kidding. I know I have a lot more work to do to improve, but I’m working hard with Leadbetter. Each day, I feel […]

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