PGA playoff system: doomed to fail

mulligan, 03 November 2005, Comments Off on PGA playoff system: doomed to fail
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In order to salvage its abysmal TV viewership and secure a decent TV contract, the PGA has proposed a playoff point system leading to the end of the year Tour Championship. Sound familiar? Well, yes, of course, it’s modeled on the NASCAR Nextel point system. And, in fact, the LPGA has already announced earlier this year that it was adopting a playoff system.

Why it will fail: Once you have 4 “majors,” everything else plays second fiddle, especially when you have Tiger Woods measuring his entire career only by the number of majors he wins instead of total tournaments won. The reason people don’t watch golf is not because there is no playoff. It’s because, for most non-golfers, golf is way too boring. At least with NASCAR, objects are flying, and there’s the occasional crash and even fisticuffs.

So what PGA should do: Well, if the nitwits need someone to copy, copy the Super Bowl. The PGA will be the NFC, and the LPGA will be the AFC. Each league will field a team of 10 to play a Ryder Cup like event one weekend. There’ll be a halftime show in between morning and afternoon matches. Maybe get someone like Faith Hill, or, if you really want some controversy, Janet Jackson.


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