redux: Natalie November 15 preview

mulligan, 14 November 2005, Comments Off on redux: Natalie November 15 preview
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The first of Natalie Gulbis’s reality show will air in one week, Tuesday, Nov. 15, 10 p.m., on The Golf Channel. Time to set Tivo. I could be wrong, but I’m predicting the highlight of week 1 will be the tour of Nat’s house. It’s either that or seeing the clowns on Best Damn, like Ron Dibble and Spider Salley. And if none of this piques your interest, the swimsuit shoot is Episode 2 — seriously.

Episode 1: We will follow Natalie as she shares with us a look behind the scenes. From a BBQ at the Takefuji Classic with the friends and family to a tour of her house on Lake Las Vegas. We also tag along to Los Angeles as she appears on FOX’s Best Damn Sports Show Period.


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