redux: what’s the over/under on Annika outdriving Funk?

mulligan, 23 November 2005, Comments Off on redux: what’s the over/under on Annika outdriving Funk?
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Fred Funk will join Tiger, Annika, and Fred Couples at the Skins Game during Thanksgiving weekend, Nov. 26-27. What should the over/under be on Annika outdriving Fred Funk and, if so, how many holes? Annika’s tour average is 266.4 yards, while Fred’s at 269.1 yards. I’ll put the number at 7 holes. So will Annika go over or under that number of holes outdriving Funk?

“Tiger came up to me the other day and said Annika is the fourth,” Funk said. “He said, ‘If she outdrives you once, you will never, ever, ever hear the end of it.”‘

Thanksgiving UPDATE: Fred Funk said he bought a skirt and will wear it if Annika outdrives him. He sounded kind of nervous, almost expecting to be outdriven. Oh, and, yes, he did get Annika’s permission and approval for the skirt stunt. Good man.


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