review: Natalie Gulbis show, episode 1

mulligan, 15 November 2005, Comments Off on review: Natalie Gulbis show, episode 1
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Episode 1 of the Natalie Gulbis show just ended, and I must admit: it was pretty entertaining. Only 30 minutes, but, if you didn’t get enough, The Golf Channel replayed it back-to-back.


1. Natalie’s father is a real character. That guy stole the show. His gruff, hypercritical remarks about Natalie’s mistakes provided some amusing “color” commentary. Good thing for the censor beep.

2. If she wasn’t one of FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women, you might think that Natalie Gulbis was a guy. The woman loves sports and has a bunch of sports memorabilia in her home (Mickey Mantle, Jack Nicklaus, Mike Vick, Terry Bradshaw, Tiger Woods, you name it). Is this woman too good to be true? She also has what appears to be a fleet of pick-up trucks, with a favorite she purchased from Texas over the Internet.

3. Lesson with Butch Harmon. Going to the Butch Harmon school was pretty cool. His office opens right onto the driving range, and Natalie was hitting balls from the indoor part. The footage of Natalie’s swing from 1997 — what Butch called the “funky swing” — was a sight to behold.

Grade: A- (nice debut, better than expected after the postponing of the show due to concerns about the editing).


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