review: Natalie Gulbis show, Episode 3

mulligan, 29 November 2005, Comments Off on review: Natalie Gulbis show, Episode 3
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I turned on the Natalie show with some pretty low expecations after last week. But I was very pleasantly surprised. Much, much better.

1. Papa Gulbis teaching Natalie how to drive stick in a rented Dodge Viper was the best part for me. I must confess, though: I love sports cars, so I would’ve loved the entire show devoted to this segment. And any air time with Papa Gulbis is entertaining, and he delivered again. If you’ve ever learned how to drive stick or had the pleasure of “letting out” a sports car, you would enjoy Natalie’s spin around with the Viper. She’s a quick learner, apparently.

2. I was wrong. Good friend Cristie Kerr did make it on the show, sharing a Monday at the spa with Nat. The gossiping was great, particularly hearing Natalie and Cristie talking about the men’s tour and some of the men from their junior golf days. The behind the scenes banter was made even more dramatic by Cristie’s “reading” of her horoscope of “winning the Michelob Open” — which she in fact did later that week. Good moment.

3. Natalie’s visit to the Best Damn Sports Show was also pretty entertaining. Is it true, though, she didn’t know who Arsenio Hall was?

4. Bogey: I found the entire bit with Danielle from Big Break pretty annoying. Natalie found her hilarious, but I found her unbearable.

Grade: A


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