review: Natalie show, episode 2

mulligan, 22 November 2005, Comments Off on review: Natalie show, episode 2
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OK, first things first: I can’t imagine any other professional golfer pulling off a swimsuit calendar. Apparently, there’s no bathing suit that Natalie doesn’t look great in. The shot of Natalie poised on the rock was a sight to behold.

But this week’s episode struck me as less entertaining as last week’s. First, no Papa Gulbis, no hilarious banter or expletives. Although Natalie’s mom was at the shoot, she wasn’t hooked up to a mike. That left Natalie to carry the “dialogue” with others whom we really don’t get to know on TV. Last week, we had Papa Gulbis and Butch Harmon, both of whom are interesting characters in their own right. To fill the lack of conversation or drama this week, The Golf Channel kept on repeating the same sound bites from Natalie after the return from commercial breaks and even at other times. I felt like I was in Groundhog Day.

Grade: B


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