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mulligan, 30 November 2005, Comments Off on The Tiger Report
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1. Tiger says he’s using a 5-wood now: “I’ve been experimenting with 7-woods, 5-woods, hybrids, just trying to find some kind of club that I could work up in the air about the same distance as my 2-iron. I’m not getting any younger and the 2-iron isn’t the easiest club to hit. The 5-wood has done that. I hit it probably eight to 10 yards further than my 2-iron, but certainly much higher. That bridges the gap. Plus, I can also choke down on it and hit it low off the tee if I want to, which is nice.” OK, I’ll let the 5-wood go, but if Tiger starts putting the 7-wood in the bag, I’m giving up golf.

2. Tiger’s given up the old (Butch) “stinger” for the new one: “I hit my old ‘stinger’–essentially a knockdown shot with a longer club–by bowing my left wrist early on the downswing and keeping it bowed through impact, feeling as though the emblem on my glove was facing the ground. After hitting 10 or 15 of those during a tournament, it would take me a couple of weeks before I could get the ball in the air again with my normal swing.Now, I don’t bow my wrist as early, and I don’t move as much laterally on the downswing. I try to keep the club pointed toward the ground for more extension and soften my elbows to keep my hands leading the clubhead past impact–the key to keeping it low. My divot is the same depth as for other iron shots, and my ball position is the same–slightly forward of center.”


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