Time for Reform: Changing the Majors

mulligan, 29 November 2005, Comments Off on Time for Reform: Changing the Majors
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I’m not a golf purist. I’m a hack on the course. But I know what’s a good idea when I see one. And I think it will soon be time to change the 4 Majors in men’s golf. Why? With the world competitors from Europe, South Africa, Asia, and Australia, there will no way that the U.S. can justify having a monopoly on 3 of the 4 Majors. In tennis, the U.S. Open is the only major in the U.S., with the French, Wimbledon, and Australian Opens. For golf, I don’t think we have to go that far, but I think the U.S. should only have 2 Majors. Here’s what I propose.

1. Masters – permanent Major
2. U.S. Open and PGA Championship – combined Major or rotating Majors
3. British Open
4. International Open – rotating among other countries that bid the most money and with the best golf courses


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