Golf myth: "learning how to win"

mulligan, 06 December 2005, Comments Off on Golf myth: "learning how to win"
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I’ve heard a lot of Monday morning Leadbetters complaining that Michelle Wie should “learn how to win” at easier events before competing on the men’s tour. Hogwash. If I were her and had her talent, I’d do whatever I wanted after getting advice from David Leadbetter and my parents. Hey, but that’s just me, I believe life is too short to listen to critics.

“Learning how to win” is a myth. The example from allCarry’s post yesterday and Notah Begay shows that “winning” doesn’t somehow make you a better player for life. Just ask David Duval. An even better example is provided by Bobby Clampett. That guy had an amazing amateur career, “learning how to win.”: Winner 1978 and 1980 California State Amateurs. Low amateur 1978 U.S. Open. Winner 1978 World Amateur medal. Three-time All-American at Brigham Young 1978-80. Two-time winner of Fred Haskins Award, presented to top collegiate player. Since he “learned how to win,” you’d think that Clampett would’ve won the 1982 British Open after opening up a 6 stroke lead and leading for 3 rounds. He didn’t. And he soon retired and found his way to the broadcast booth.

And then there’s Vijay Singh, who worked as a club professional in Borneo after being suspended from the Asian tour for alleged cheating. Singh had no storied amateur career, and he hardly won anything when he first started. But look where he got.


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