Happy birthday, Tiger!

mulligan, 29 December 2005, Comments Off on Happy birthday, Tiger!
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Just a day away before Tiger turns 30, but already the well-wishers are in line. OK, 30 is still young, but to put things into perspective, Tiger’s almost twice as old as Michelle Wie.

1. Christine Brennan, USA Today article.

2. Reuters (London) article

3. And this nice news: Tiger remains richest sports earner

4. UPDATE: Damon Hack of NYT article on Tiger

5. UPDATE: BBC commentator Peter Aliss says Tiger won’t surpass Jack

6. UPDATE: Roy Kroichick, San Francisco Chronicle article on Tiger (apparently Jack uses email): “Now, as Tiger Woods bears down on his 30th birthday – on Friday – the question is simply: What will he show us next?”

7. UPDATE: Another excellent article on Tiger from Jaime Diaz of Golf Digest. We should’ve given Diaz at least the RU for best golf beat writer of the year. Here’s a flavor — Tiger talking about his proposal for golf:

“I’d like to see more spin added to the golf ball, so misses would be more pronounced and good shots more rewarded,” he said. “Anytime you bring maneuverability back into the game of golf, it’s going to favor the better players who understand how to control the golf ball. It still matters in firm conditions or in wind. I always like to shape something in there a little bit just because I’m giving myself a fatter area for playing a miss, because it’s not a game of perfect. I’d eliminate the 60-degree wedge and set a 56-degree limit. For one, it would bring more feel back into the game. Because now guys lay up to exact yardages and hit nothing but full shots. Nobody hits half shots anymore. And it would make the short game around the green a lot harder. If guys didn’t have a 60-degree or even a 64-degree wedge to save them, you wouldn’t see them being as aggressive going into the greens, because they couldn’t short-side themselves as much.”


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