The Mickelson report

mulligan, 28 December 2005, Comments Off on The Mickelson report
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My schedule for the coming year will be very similar to the one I’ve had for the last couple of years, busy early building toward the Masters, prepping for the majors a couple of weeks in advance and of course looking forward to the Ryder Cup and playing for Captain Tom Lehman. I’ve known Tom for a long time. He’s a good man and has some interesting ideas about captaining. I hope one of them is a DiMarco-Mickelson pairing.

Looking even farther ahead, there’s been a lot written and said about the proposed schedule for 2007 and beyond. I really don’t have enough information about it, so I really don’t have an opinion about what might happen. I do think two things are important. Having the best players meeting consistently over a season that doesn’t try to compete with football is key for our TV contract and to grow interest in our game. And having the PGA Tour commissioner and his people sell the new product to the players and make it happen.

My hat’s off to Tiger for another incredible year, to Vijay for another nice season at age 42 and to Ryan Moore for getting his card in just eight events. I played with him four days altogether at Augusta and he’s a guy to watch next year.I know our family will be enjoying the holiday season and we certainly hope you do the same. Until next year, thank you for your support. And don’t forget to work on your short game. (more here)


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