TGB Reads the Green: Caddy For Life: The Bruce Edwards Story

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Over the holiday season, I typically read three to four books. Lately, I have read all the books by Dan Brown and the last book I read was Men In Black by Mark Levin. Mostly, I read books from the New York Times Best Sellers list or books from the bargain bin at my local Barnes and Noble.

The last time I was in Barnes and Noble, I bought Caddy For Life: The Bruce Edwards Story by John Feinstein and decided that it was time to read a book about golf.

Caddy For Life was a quick read and was very well written. I found it much better than most of Feinstein’s other works. Basically, Caddy For Life follows Bruce Edwards’ life from his early caddy years until the later stages of his struggles with ALS. Caddy For Life takes a 3rd person perspective and includes quotes and stories from players, caddies, family, and others involved in Bruce’s life.

This book is a gripping story which I had a difficult time to put down. And, I almost cried once I found myself reading about Watson’s first round 65 at Olympia Fields in the 2003 US Open and the other moments that involved Tom and Bruce after Bruce’s diagnosis. My only critique of the story is that if you were to read it today, it leaves you hanging. Not that I wanted to read about Bruce’s final days with ALS, but it would completed the celebration of his life with a couple chapters about his death and funeral services. I wanted to know, Who was there? What was said? Any other stories or memories of those at the funeral. Nevertheless, I still found the book well written and a great, quick read for any golfer who remembers Tom and Bruce.


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