The Commish: Wie might make it on PGA … one day

mulligan, 03 January 2006, Comments Off on The Commish: Wie might make it on PGA … one day
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Even PGA Commissioner Tim Finchem can see Michelle Wie’s potential of possibly making the PGA tour one day. Finchem admitted in the midst of intense TV negotiations for the PGA, while no doubt salivating at the prospect of a second coming to Tiger:

“Most people recognize Michelle as having the physical skills to compete at this level, if her game matures as she matures.” Finchem said no one knows for sure how she will mature, but he believes if she is successful in playing men’s golf effectively, then a new generation of young women might want to follow her. “For now, I think everyone should relax and enjoy watching her try to achieve her goal, which is to make it on the PGA Tour. It will be interesting to see if she can do that.” More from USA Today here.


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