Faldo’s follies, Part II

mulligan, 24 January 2006, Comments Off on Faldo’s follies, Part II
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I’ve already chronicled the shenanigans that Nick Faldo engaged in this Saturday on ABC’s coverage of the Bob Hope Classic. See here. The tournament on the 17th hole appeared to be a part of the Hooters Tour, with 3 hot “margarita” babes at Faldo’s side, not to mention the cameo appearance from a braless Nicolette Sheridan.

Some have written in, asking for some photos of what happened. I haven’t seen much out there. I wonder why. But there is one of Nicolette here. Click on “Photo Gallery” and then fast forward to Picture 83. Then, just imagine a TV camera fixated on Nicolette, even taking a profile shot. For those wanting to watch some golf, things got a little distracting.


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