Faldo’s follies

mulligan, 22 January 2006, Comments Off on Faldo’s follies
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Apparently, ABC wants to go out with a bang. Fed up with losing money on the PGA tour, ABC decided to give up on golf after this year. That left the PGA scrambling in negotiations with other networks.

Well, yesterday, ABC was broadcasting the Bob Hope Classic for the last time (including today). It’s a 5 day tournament, with 4 days of pro-am. To “liven” things up, ABC had Nick Faldo on the 17th tee with a “margarita stand” with 3 hot babes who were scantily clad in very tight T-shirts. Not to be outdone, Nicolette Sheridan (star of Desperate Housewives) sported a white tank-top — apparently, with no bra — while following her beau Michael Bolton around. Faldo was doing his best to make this PGA event actually a part of the Hooters tour.

The shameless Faldo even sought autographs from and pictures with all the stars. Faldo was at his best (or worst), giving cheeky, color commentary while the famous celebs passed by. The PGA players seemed to be avoiding Faldo, thankfully. At one point, Faldo gave some swing advice to Roger Clemens (who earlier that round had made a hole in one), and the ABC announcers were quick to point out that giving advice was a rules infraction. Apparently, it didn’t matter b/c Clemens’s team won. Thank heavens, the pro-am is over.


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