The Leadbetter report

mulligan, 18 January 2006, Comments Off on The Leadbetter report
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We’re never going to see what she’s really capable of until she plays a bunch of tournaments in a row — on different courses with different conditions — on a regular basis. But when you limit the number of tournaments you play, and you play the best men and women, your chances of winning are less. [On the LPGA tour, Michelle is limited to 8 possible starts.] That’s tough, even when she’s hitting it well. The momentum factor isn’t there. That’s going to be an issue until she finishes school. It’s tough to play 12 tournaments a year and really get your game firing on all cylinders.

She can win with a half-set of clubs in her bag (on the AJGA, junior circuit). These girls are good, but this girl is special.

– DL


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