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mulligan, 16 January 2006, Comments Off on The Natalie report
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Natalie Gulbis will be teaming with Paula Creamer for the World Cup in South Africa. They were supposed to fly together out of DC for an 18-hour flight. One problem: Natalie’s used up most of the pages in her US passport, and, apparently, she needs to have 3 consecutive empty pages to make the international flight. I’ve never heard of that rule, but my passport isn’t as filled up as Nat’s. (Can any of you who is a frequent traveler confirm?)

Nat explains on her website what happened: “What Next…I spent the next 4 hours on the phone with lawyers, agents, government officials and executives trying to figure out what to do. The solution would end up being a call from the South African Embassy to the CEO of the airline granting permission from immigration for me to get on a plane.

“Hopefully when I get to South Africa, they’ll allow me to enter into the country to compete. I’ve been told that my first stop after my 18 hour flight will not be the hotel, the course, or a safari, but to the US Embassy to get a few extra pages in my passport so I can stay and compete (and also get back to the US). Keeping my fingers crossed.”

My advice: Next time, call up W. Didn’t that guy help out Sean O’Hair get his passport?


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