another catfight: Pressel blames grandma, slights Wie

mulligan, 20 February 2006, Comments Off on another catfight: Pressel blames grandma, slights Wie
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Morgan Pressel finished 5th in her LPGA debut as a pro, tying Natalie Gulbis. Not bad. But, before her week was over, Pressel had a few choice words not only for Michelle Wie, but for Pressel’s own grandma. You heard that right: Pressel took a potshot at her own grandma. Wow, kids today — c’mon, blaming granny!?

Pressel on grandma: “That’s all my grandma’s fault. I got my shirts out a couple days early because I was going to be real busy and it was her responsibility to put them in the suit case and she wanted to leave them in the closet so they didn’t get wrinkled. I woke up when we got here and said, ‘Grandma, where are my shirts? … Oh no. You left them at home.”‘

Pressel on Wie: She’s going to make something like $10 million? For what? For winning one tournament? I didn’t mean anything, especially against Michelle. I just made a statement that everybody else has to qualify and I’m going to stick by that statement. But it will obviously come down to what the USGA says, but it was definitely nothing personal. That’s for sure.”


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