FBR Open… One of my favorites

mulligan, 02 February 2006, Comments Off on FBR Open… One of my favorites
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What a great weekend for sports fans, Super Bowl on Sunday, some great college basketball games, and the FBR Open.

For the many years that I have been playing and watching golf, the FBR Open played at the TPC of Scottsdale is one of my favorite tournaments. Maybe it is the fact that they hosts of the tournament boast that it is “The Greatest Show on Grass.” Or maybe it is the fact that the winner gets a trophy that resembles a thunderbird (the name of the host group) Or maybe it is the fact that the 16th hole at the TPC of Scottsdale is something that few golf courses can rival.

Other than possibly the 12th hole at Augusta or the 17th hole at the TPC of Sawgrass, the 16th hole at the TPC of Scottsdale’s Stadium Course, in my opinion is the greatest par three on the PGA Tour. The hole is fairly non-descript, a 8-iron or so to a hole that is protected by 4 bunkers. However, what makes the hole is the fact that there are grandstands all around the hole. As Lindsay Butler from the Scottsdale Tribune describes in her article published today, (in which I was quoted) “The Sweet 16th has a reputation for being the rowdiest, most raucous hole in professional golf.”

The TV coverage of the 16th hole also adds to its reputation. ESPN always shows highlights from the 16th, and who can forget when Tiger made an ace on the 16th in 1997. (gotta love the blue shirt with white shoes). Also, reporters and other media sources always ask the players what they think of the 16th hole, and I recall many of them saying that it is the most intimidating hole on the PGA Tour. Not because the shot is all that difficult, but because there is so much stuff going on around them and the fact that they do not want to get booed if they miss the green.

Anyways, as a golf fan and a fan of sports in general, I believe that the 16th hole of the Stadium Course at the TPC of Scottsdale, completely eliminates the barrier between the typical “golf clap” fan to the “belly-bumping”, “high-fiveing” sports fan. I will certainly be watching this week and weekend for the coverage of the 16th and the FBR Open.


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