JB Holmes, the amazing rookie wins FBR Open

mulligan, 05 February 2006, Comments Off on JB Holmes, the amazing rookie wins FBR Open
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His name is John B. Holmes. Remember that name. He’s a PGA tour rookie, and he may be the best one out there today. He finished No. 1 at the harrowing Q School, and now he’s already won his first tourney, the FBR Open with an amazing display of 300 yard drives (even with his 3 wood). In 3 of 4 tourneys this year, he’s made the cut, including a top 10 finish at Sony. This guy is super-duper long off the tee (I will avoid making any off-color jokes about his name, but thankfully the guy now goes by the initials JB).

While watching the FBR Open, I was reminded of John Daly’s “hello world” performance at his first PGA Championship at Crooked Stick. JB’s style is very similar: he hits a long bomb off the tee and then pulls out the sand wedge. JB was smacking sand wedge from 130 yards out. He doesn’t look that big, at 5’11” and 190 pounds, but he hits the ball as far as anyone out there on tour. I really wished that Tiger had been at the FBR because I think that young guns like JB are the future of golf that Tiger’s been talking about.

JB also bears some resemblance to one of my fellow co-bloggers at The Golf Blog (full profile here).


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