TGB Goes Gaming: True Swing Golf for the Nintendo DS (Part I)

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Even though I do love to play the game of golf, deep down I have always been a video game fan, a so called “gamer.” I still recall many long nights spent playing a game, which I believe was simply called “Golf”, on my Gameboy. I was also a big fan of PGA Tour II for the Sega Genesis. I have also been know to play a bit of the EA Sports Tiger Woods series on both the Play Station II and Xbox. However, I have still be waiting for another golf video game to play on a handheld.

In January, Nintendo released True Swing Golf for the Nintendo DS. And, now that I have had the opportunity to play it, I thought that I would review it. So for the next four days, I will be posting some of my thoughts about True Swing Golf has to offer.

Today, I will be posting a brief history of T&E Soft, which developed True Swing Golf, and some comments about the Nintendo DS.
Tomorrow, (Feb. 7th), I will be blogging about the game play and how the game utilizes some of the features of the Nintendo DS.
Wednesday, (Feb. 8th), I will be blogging about the different modes of game play and how each has its own fine features.
Thursday, (Feb. 9th) and/or Friday, (Feb. 10th), I will be concluding my review with an interview with someone from Nintendo.

T&E Soft
Depending on your age, you might have grown up remembering which video gaming system touched your life. For my parents, they still talk about many late nights they spent playing Pong. Personally, the first gaming system that I remember playing for hours on end was the Super Nintendo. And, the first non-mario game I bought for the Super Nintendo was T&E Soft’s True Golf Classics: Waialae Country Club. I remember playing this game for hours on end, and getting in lots of trouble, because I would leave the game running and forget to turn off the TV when I was called for dinner. Nevertheless, I was surprised when I found out that T&E Soft developed True Swing Golf for the Nintendo DS.

T&E Soft, (Japanese Website), is a Japanese developer of video games. T&E Soft, which stands for Techonology and Entertainment Software, is best known for its Golf and Puzzle titles. Some of its titles include: Waialae Country Club (Nintendo 64 and Super Nintendo), Cu-On-Pa (PlayStation and SNES), Pebble Beach Golf (3DO, Sega Genesis), and Blade & Blade: Eternal Quest (PC and PlayStation). has this website dedicated to T&E Soft’s development and publishing of titles.

Nintendo DS
The Nintendo DS system was released in November of 2004. Unlike the GameBoy predecessors, the DS has dual screens (hence the DS) which allows gamers to do many things that were impossible with other handheld gaming systems. Nintendo has done a great job with this website to provide a great overview of the features and opportunities the DS provides. But, I do want to mention that the Dual Screen techonology was utilized in the development of True Swing Golf.

Check back tomorrow, when I review the game play and use of the features of the Nintendo DS in True Swing Golf.


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