TGB Goes Gaming: True Swing Golf for the Nintendo DS (Part 2)

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Yesterday, I introduced everyone to the Nintendo DS’s new game, True Swing Golf, which was developed by T&E Soft.

Today, I will be begin my discussion on some of True Swing Golf’s features and I will also discuss some of the Nintendo DS features the game utilizes.

Game Features
– Registering Your Character
When you first start True Swing Golf, you are asked to register your player. (As far as I can tell, you can only register one player). Your player can be either male or female and you get to choose from multiple different characters. Additionally, you get to choose whether your player is a calm player or a rowdy player. (I’m not exactly sure of the specific name choices, but in one your character acts very calm when you make a 50 foot bomb, while in the other your character does the bull dance). You also get to choose whether you want the game configured for a left-handed player or a right-handed player. Further, your character is name is the user name that is registered for the nintendo DS.
Personally, I use a left-handed, rowdy, female with blonde hair.

– Playing Tournaments to Improve Your Character
One of the best features of this game is the ability to purchase new equipment and clothing to outfit your player. When you play in tournament mode (which I will discuss tomorrow), if you finish high enough in the tournament, you receive prize money which can be used to purchase golf equipment and clothing. The golf equipment, such as clubs, balls, gloves, and shoes, all provide your character with new or improved abilities. For instance, you can purchase a new set of clubs which will allow you to hit the ball further, or you can buy a new pair of shoes, which allow you to put more spin on the ball. Unfortunately, I do not believe that purchasing clothing changes your player’s ability, but it does allow you to choose between different types of shirts and colors. (Sorry Mulligan, purchasing “Tiger” Red does not mean that you’ll be able to play like Tiger).

Game Play
– Swinging with the Stylus
One of the coolest features of True Swing Golf is how you make your character swing the golf club. Unlike the old, tapping of the “A” button to swing, games, True Swing Golf utilizes the dual screen technology by making players use the stylus to swing. Now, this may sound a bit difficult, but after playing the game for a couple minutes, I got the hang of it.

Basically, in order to swing the club, you draw the club back with the stylus to determine how hard of a swing you want, and then you “swing” the club by running the stylus over a ball which is located at the top of the screen. (you can also change this so you swing from left to right or right to left across the bottom screen). The quicker you run the stylus over the ball, the higher your club head speed and the farther the ball goes. (Tip: After playing the game for a good bit of time, I realized that you can start the stylus at the back of the “swing” and only push the stylus forward. It is much easier, and I do not believe that it changes your ability to make good shots.) Also, the closer you run the stylus over the center of the ball, the further the ball travels. So, the best possible shot would include a high swing speed and a center strike.

Even though, swinging of the golf club does get easier as you play the game. I have been known to whiff or shank a swing. Both features, I believe add to the enjoyment of the game.

– Dual Screens Provide Two Perspectives
Another cool feature about True Swing Golf is that the game utilizes both screens to show two different “camera” angles of the game. The top screen gives you a “TV” view of the game, while the bottom screen gives you a “birds-eye” view of the hole. Having played mostly the “old school”, birds-eye view only golf games, I tend to find myself paying attention to only the bottom screen. But, when I know that I have hit a good shot, it is neat to actually watch my character perform as she would do on TV. Plus, the antics the character makes after the swing are all displayed on the top screen.

– Multiplayer Feature
Another feature of True Swing Golf is the ability to play a multiplayer game. Unfortunately, each player will need a Nintendo DS and be within a close distance of each other to use this feature, but only one game pack is needed in order to play a multiplayer game. In multiplayer mode, you are able to play stroke play, match play, or skins (as long as you’ve played tournament play and have earned money to bet). Another feature in multiplayer is the ability to send hand written messages to each other. So, when your opponent whiffs or shanks a shot, you can let them know how you feel, or when you stone a 5-iron, you can tell your opponent how good you are. Either way, it is a nice way to interact with each other if you are playing in an area where vocal “trash talk” is not appreciated.

Well that is all for today. Check back tomorrow, when I’ll discuss the different game play modes and the features each provides.


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