TGB Goes Gaming: True Swing Golf for the Nintendo DS (Part 3)

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Monday, I introduced readers to True Swing Golf for the Nintendo DS.
Yesterday, I discussed some of True Swing Golf’s features and some of the features of the Nintendo DS True Swing Golf uses.

Today, I will be discussing the game modes in True Swing Golf. Basically, there are two different categories of gaming modes. First, you can play a single player game. Under the single player umbrella, you can play either stroke play, match play, free round, or championship mode. Second, you can play multiplayer mode. Under the multiplayer umbrella, you can either play stroke play, match play, stroke bet, or skins mode. I will discuss each mode separately.

Single Player Modes
Stroke Play – Stroke Play mode is a must in any golf video game, and True Swing Golf does not disappoint in bringing you the ability to play a basic round of golf. Under Stroke Play mode, you get to choose which golf course you want to play, whether you want to play the front nine, back nine or 18 holes, whether you want to play the original course or a mirrored variation of the course (“mirror” means that you take the course and flip it along an axis that runs through the center of the hole, so a dog leg right becomes a dog leg left in “mirror” mode), and which tees you want to play. In this mode, you just play for score and it is a good place to practice your techniques.

Match Play – Match Play mode is exactly what it says, a match play match against a computer opponent. In Match Play mode, you get to choose which course you want to play, whether you want to have a 9 hole or 18 hole match and which 9 you want to play if you choose 9 holes, whether you want to play the original course or a mirrored version of it, which tees you want to play, whether a match ending at all square (tied) moves into a sudden death playoff or ends all square, and how good of a computer player you play against (beginner, average, expert). Another neat feature of Match Play mode is that you actually get to play against a computer player and watch how the computer attacks a given hole. Even though this mode takes a bit more time to play, Match Play mode is a lot of fun.

Free Round – Free Round is where gamers will do most of their practice for the other modes. In Free Round mode, you get to choose which course you want to play, which hole on that course you want to play, which set of tees you want to play, whether you want to play the normal course or the mirrored variation, the difficulty of the pin position (easy, average, difficult), the weather condition (rainy, clear, cloudy), and the wind strength (weak, normal, strong). Free Round is a great way to play that hole that gives you many problems during a tournament or during a round with your friends. Also, I have used this mode to just practice some different swinging techniques, before using them in Championship mode.

Championship – Championship mode has kept me up late at night and has kept me from doing things around my apartment. Basically, I am addicted to this mode. Championship mode pits you up against 39 other computer players, in a stroke play tournament setting. You start off Championship mode playing 9 hole tournament rounds and then progress into 18 hole rounds. (I’m not sure if you have tournaments which last longer than 18 holes, because I have not finished the game yet). In Championship mode, you play in tournaments to earn prize money, which allows you to go to the pro shop and buy new equipment that will improve the abilities of your player. Also, you earn prize money to bet against other player in some multiplayer formats. Another benefit of championship mode is that you unlock new courses by progressing further into tournaments. Supposedly, there are 15 different courses in True Swing Golf, but I have only unlocked 10, so I am unable to personally confirm that number. After you play through a set of tournaments (a so-called “class”) if you finish in the top 3 on the money list, you’ll be promoted to the next class, where the competition and the golf courses get more difficult. Championship mode is by far my favorite.

Multiplayer Modes

The Following Modes can be played if both players have a True Swing Golf game pack.

Stroke Play – Stroke Play in the multiplayer version is exactly the same, except that you actually play with the other members of your group. You can play either a 2, 3, or 4-some.

Match Play – Match Play in the multiplayer version pits you against another player, instead of a computer.

Stroke Bet – Stroke Bet mode allows you to play against another player for prize money that you put up out of the prize money you have won in Championship mode. Basically, you and your opponent put up a fixed amount of “money” and play a winner-takes-all stroke play match.

Skins Match – Skins Match allows you and the other players to play in your typical afternoon skins match. Two-tie, all tie.

If your friends do not have a True Swing Golf game pack, you can play a downloaded multiplayer version, which allows you to play either a stroke play or match play 9 hole format. Granted, you do not get to play all of the other modes, it is still gives you a taste of what you could play if you had two game packs.

Another fun characteristic of playing multiplayer is the ability to use the DS’s ability to send messages to other DS consoles. So, you can send message such as “Nice putt Alice”, “Don’t Whiff”, or “Nice Shot” to do a bit of smack talking or giving words of encouragement to your fellow players. Personally, I use it for smack talk, and there is nothing more enjoyable to remind a friend that this putt is for all the marbles, right before he jacks it!

Well, that is all for today. Check back tomorrow to read my interview with Nate Bihldorff, a localization producer for Nintendo, who took part in the production of True Swing Golf.


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