TGB Goes Gaming: True Swing Golf for the Nintendo DS (Part 5)

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Monday, I introduced readers to True Swing Golf for the Nintendo DS.
Tuesday, I discussed some of True Swing Golf’s features and some of the features of the Nintendo DS True Swing Golf uses.
Wednesday, I discussed the game modes on True Swing Golf.
Yesterday, I posted my interview with Nate Bihldorff from Nintendo.

Today, I am finishing up my review of True Swing Golf with some final thoughts and suggestions if a True Swing Golf 2 was ever created.

Final Thoughts
When I first heard about True Swing Golf, I was very skeptical of having to use the stylus to control the swing. I was so used to playing a golf video game with a series of button presses to control a shot, that I was not sure whether I’d enjoy a game that required me to “swing” something at a target. The other games were very easy; you never whiffed, you never miss hit a shot, and the goal was to see if you could shoot 15-20+ under par. And to be honest, after shooting 20 or so under par, the games lost their intrigue and were normally regulated to the back of the list.

However, the first time I played True Swing Golf, I was surprised with how basic the game play was. All you had to do was move your stylus forward and run it over a ball. Granted, I have whiffed multiple times, but I also have strung 5 birdies or so together. Before I knew it, I became hooked playing in Championship mode attempting to make my character better. And now, having played the game over the past couple weeks, I usually play a round before I go to bed. (Good thing I am single).

A few things that I was concerned about with the stylus control, I have tried out. I have played the game on a car ride, and I did not have any major problems playing the game. Most of my problems came from the fact that the DS was not sitting on a table or something other than my right hand. (I swing my stylus with my left). However, I have developed a way where I cup the DS in my right hand and I rarely miss now.

As Nate said in my interview on Thursday, drinking coffee and not being in the right frame of mind, does cause me some issues when playing True Swing Golf. True Swing Golf is by far the most realistic golf video game I have ever played. I have whiffed, I have shanked, I have had bad holes, I have had good holes, I have hit the ball out of bounds, I have donated a few balls to the ponds, and I have done all of those in real golf. (Well, I have only whiffed 1 time in my recent memory, but you get the point). All in all, I continue to practice playing the game with the hopes to one day succeed like I did in PGA Tour II for the Sega Genesis, back when I was a kid.

Bottom Line: If you are a golfer and you enjoy playing video games, I would strongly recommend this game. I was skeptical at first, but now I’m hooked and honestly believe that this game will become one of my all-time favorites. Just remember, that it is not “easy” in a difficulty sense, but it is one of the easiest games to play, have a good time with, and spend a good rain filled day playing.

Recommendations for a Sequel
I asked Nate in my interview whether there was some discussions of producing a True Swing Golf 2 or its equivalent. Unfortunately, he was unaware and did not want to speculate on it. However, I would like to comment on some of the things I would like to see in a True Swing Golf 2.

Skills Mode – I have played many golf video games, and one of the features I enjoy is a “Skills Mode.” Things like, having to birdie 3 holes in a row, having to get up and down from a fair way, having to do certain things which will increase your ability to play the game would be something that I would enjoy seeing in the game.

2 Player Mode on Same DS System – Unfortunately, you are unable to play a two player game with only 1 DS system. So, when I have friends who want to play True Swing Golf, they have to play by themselves, or we have to come up with some sort of modified alternate shot game, where we switch off.

Multiplayer Mode which includes “Team” Games – Everyone loves their Saturday morning or league games. Whether it be a $2 Nassau, alternate shot, or best ball, it would be a nice addition if you and a friend could team up against another “team” or against a computer “team” and play some of the favorite golf formats.

Allowing Players to Select Clubs – Granted, this was the first version of a game franchise, which I believe could become something special. But, one of the things that I cannot believe they didn’t do was allow you to choose which clubs you want to have in your bag. With technology today, why not allow a player to purchase a hybrid club instead of using a long iron. The hybrid club would have a better percentage change of hitting a good shot than a long iron out of the rough, but it would be more affected by the wind conditions. Or, allow players to decide whether they want to carry more woods or wedges. Either way, it allows the game to become more “real.”

Playoff Mode Should Include Opponents – Granted, this might take forever and might cause you to throw your DS across the room if you bogey the final hole to get into a playoff, but one of the things I was disappointed in was the first time I was in a playoff in Championship mode, I did not see my opponent. Luckily, I made a birdie and my opponent did not, but it would have been nice to see what I had to beat.

Add a Driving Range Feature – One of the things that I always have a problem with is starting the game cold. Just like in real golf, I always like to take a few practice strokes before I play a round. With True Swing Golf’s stylus controls, I have been known to take a couple of holes to “warm up” instead of hitting the first hole ready to play. It would be nice to have a feature where you can have a couple of practice balls/swings, before you enter an actual round.

I am sure there is more I could add, but I believe that my review of this game has been exhausted. I really do enjoy this game and would recommend it to anyone who has any interest in golf. Please check back to for information on a contest in which we will give out a Nintendo DS system and a copy of True Swing Golf. And keep reading and commenting!!


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