Tiger delivers "smack down" on Stephen Ames

mulligan, 22 February 2006, Comments Off on Tiger delivers "smack down" on Stephen Ames
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Stephen Ames foolishly let slip some smack talk before his match against Tiger Woods in the World Match Play Championship. When asked of his chances against Tiger, Ames said with a smile, “Anything can happen … especially where he’s hitting the ball.”

Sure, Ames was probably kidding, but Tiger later heard about the comment, and didn’t take too kindly to it. Instead of smack talk, Tiger gave a smack down on Ames, winning the first 9 holes (with 7 birdies). The rout ended after the 10th hole — which is the soonest you can end an 18 hole match. Next.

Advice to all other golfers in the world: Do not ever joke about Tiger, or let your caddie write “Tiger who?” on his cap (see here). Tiger’s got a great sense of humor — off the course. On the course, he’s ferocious. Remember Tiger’s the same guy who thought Steve Scott’s girlfriend (his caddy) had giggled at Tiger, which riled Tiger to a comeback victory at the U.S. Amateur at Pumpkin Ridge. For all we know, Scott’s girlfriend could’ve just been a sweet girl, enjoying the moment. But Tiger will use any little thing to get motivated. So don’t get him mad. He will crush you. R.I.P, Stephen Ames.


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