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mulligan, 13 March 2006, Comments Off on The Tiger report
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One thing I’ve done this year is pretty much take the 2-iron out of my bag and replaced it with a 5-wood. I think the last time I carried it was at the Dunlop Phoenix tournament in Japan. I can get the ball up in the air higher with a 5-wood and hit it 250 yards, about 10 yards further than my 2-iron.

Last year when I won at Doral, I received a new car in addition to the prize money. I gave the car to Stevie (Williams), who loves racing. I did the same thing last week when I won again. Considering all the things he’s done for me in my life and my career, it’s the least I could do.

Winning at Doral was special for a lot of reasons, but the biggest was because it came on my dad’s 74th birthday. I know he was able to watch the telecast, so it was neat that I was able to pull off a victory for him. I called him afterward to wish him Happy Birthday.I have always loved dogs – I had a Labrador growing up – and recently received a new Border Collie from my wife, Elin. We named him Taz. He’s real smart, follows me everywhere, and has a lot of energy. They say Border Collies average a marathon a day and that doesn’t surprise me. I take him running with me, but I have to be careful because he’s still growing. We usually go about four miles, running and walking. He’s an awesome dog.


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