Megan Heckeroth – The Golf Blog interview, Part 1

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Megan Heckeroth is a rookie on the Ladies European Tour, and she’s also playing on the Futures Tour. Below is Part 1 of The Golf Blog’s exclusive interview with Megan.

The Golf Blog: Hi Megan, thanks for this interview. Before we discuss your golf game, we want to start with some background questions. Let’s start off with a simple one: Who is your inspiration in golf?

Megan: After I played with Annika Sorenstam at the U.S. Women’s Open, I was inspired by her, specifically because she had the personality of someone I can relate to, along with an incredible dedication and wherewithal.

The Golf Blog: How about outside of golf, … who is your inspiration outside of golf?

Megan: My parents are my everyday inspiration, my dad for his work ethic, my mom for her generosity.

The Golf Blog: Favorite indulgence?

Megan: Chocolate-dipped strawberries at the right place, at the right time, with the right person.

The Golf Blog: Hmmm… Sounds goods … How about your favorite TV golf analyst or announcer?

Megan: I really like Vince Cellini from the Golf Channel. I actually watch the Big Break show just because he is in it.

The Golf Blog: Well, you might be the only one, at least the only one willing to admit it… What about your favorite TV show?

Megan: It’s the show about nothing … I can watch Seinfeld reruns for hours. I really relate to all their scenes and setups.

The Golf Blog: Seinfeld, yes, great show. Kramer was a hilarious golfer (see here). What about your fondest memory?

Megan: Going up to San Francisco for my U.S. Women’s Open Sectional Qualifier at Lake Merced, making it, playing the Olympic Club and going to a San Francisco Giants baseball game with my friends Andy & Kenny.

The Golf Blog: How about the flipside: what is your biggest pet peeve?

Megan: I live in L.A. Draw your own conclusions…

The Golf Blog: Understandable, we wouldn’t expect an Oregonian to be at home in LA. But at least you get to practice bikram yoga there. How often do you practice the so-called “hot yoga”? Do you enjoy sweating profusely in a really hot room?

Megan: When I am on a home-week, I do my yoga 3 times a week; on the road it’s a little tougher to do it. I do enjoy the sweating because it makes me feel energized afterwards.

The Golf Blog: How about a more genteel topic — you majored in Fine and Applied Arts in college. Do you have artistic talent like Luke Donald? Who is your favorite artist?

Megan: I’ve never seen any of Luke’s art, but I do have artistic talent. I love to oil paint and draw in watercolors. My favorite artist is Georgia O’Keefe.

The Golf Blog: Luke Donald is a pretty good painter. He also majored in art in college, at Northwestern, and he painted the artwork for last year’s Western Open.

Now, we’ve noticed that you also are a blogger and you blog during the season. You have a blog on your website and one on the Ladies European Tour website. What do you like about blogging?

Megan: Keeping my friends and fans updated on my own progress, and following what all the golf bloggers are thinking about the tours, the pros, and their needs with golf improvement tips.
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Stay tuned Wednesday for Part 2 of the interview.


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