The joy of Myrtle Beach golf

mulligan, 21 May 2006, Comments Off on The joy of Myrtle Beach golf
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I just returned from a four-day golf fest in Myrtle Beach, the so-called golf capital of the world. I was hoping to blog about all four courses we played while down there, but limited internet connection kept that from being possible. Instead, I will just urge every golfer to find the time for a Myrtle Beach excursion, and suggest that two courses for any must-play list are Tidewater and Kings North.

Because my golf game is rusty from the winter lay-off, I did not play especially well down in Myrtle Beach. But the weather and the courses were so nice, I still felt like I was in golf heaven. Indeed, I would not be troubled if the afterlife simply involved having unlimited time and money to play the 100+ courses that the Myrtle Beach area has to offer.

I could go on, but instead I would like to hear from readers about some of their favorite Myrtle Beach courses.


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