A player to root for at the Memorial

mulligan, 30 May 2006, Comments Off on A player to root for at the Memorial
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Despite my recent confession, I am still continuing to look for exciting and interesting new players to follow and root for this year at the Memorial. Today’s local newspaper notes about the tournament make one choice obvious this year:

Cincinnati native Kevin Hall, who has been deaf since age 2, was the first black golfer to win a scholarship to Ohio State. He won the Big Ten championship, by 11 strokes, as a senior. Two years later, he’s still earning his bones as a professional. He’s a regular for the Monday qualifiers on the Nationwide Tour and a frequent mini-tour competitor. This week, he’ll get his first chance to participate in the Memorial after
receiving a sponsor’s exemption. “I’m hitting it fine,” Hall said. “On paper, the goal is to make the cut. When I’m out there, the goal is to play solid and stay in the present and let the outcome take care of itself.”

More background on Kevin can be found in this article from last year when he made his first appearance on the PGA Tour.


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