Reversal of fortune?: Karrie v. Annika

mulligan, 14 May 2006, Comments Off on Reversal of fortune?: Karrie v. Annika
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Just imagine if David Duval were able to regain the World No. 1 ranking again, wresting it away from Tiger Woods. OK, before you ask me to take a drug test, you better shift your attention to the LPGA. Karrie Webb was the David Duval of the LPGA. Back in 1999, 2000, and parts of 2001, Karrie was better than Annika — winning 5 majors in that period. Then, Karrie’s dominance began to wane, and Annika’s began to grow. And we all know how amazing Annika has been for the past few years.

Well, this year things have started out different. Karrie won the 1st major of the year, and Annika has been off her form as of late. Today, Karrie is leading at 8-under at the Michelob Ultra Open at Kingsmill. Annika is in 75th place, with a +4, playing in the same group with Karrie.

More comparisons: Karrie has 4 of 7 Top 10s, which includes 1 Major victory and two tied for seconds. Annika has 3 of 5 Top 10s, which includes 1 victory and a tied for second. Karrie is 2nd on the LPGA money list; Annika, 4th.

UPDATE: Karrie won by 7 strokes. Annika missed the cut, her first missed cut since 2002 — ending a streak of 68 consecutive. The sage Douglas asked this question earlier, Is Annika slipping? (See previous post.)


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