4INFO there for your US Open Updates

mulligan, 15 June 2006, Comments Off on 4INFO there for your US Open Updates
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Many of us are planning on playing golf this weekend. I am scheduled to play in a tournament in Akron, Ohio, so I won’t be able to watch all 100 or so hours of US Open coverage on ESPN or NBC. Nevertheless, 4info.net has come to my rescue.

4INFO provides a free service that allows you to get PGA scores via your mobile phone! No registration is required.

It’s simple to use 4INFO’s free sports score search:

1. Send a PLAYER NAME (ex. “tiger woods”) or “pga” in a text message to 44636 (4INFO on the keypad).
2. In a few seconds you will receive a reply text with the player’s current score or the tournament’s leaderboard.

I tried it this morning and received 2 text messages back providing me with the leaderboard.

This is an extremely neat service and I cannot wait to use it while on the course, when I have that burning desire to see who is leading or how my favorite player is doing!

So try it out! Also check out www.4info.net for other services that this company provides.


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