Ben… What are you doing??

mulligan, 23 June 2006, Comments Off on Ben… What are you doing??
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I grew up in northeastern Ohio. And, I am a Browns fan.

Ben Curtis grew up in Ostrander, Ohio playing at Mill Creek Golf Club.

Ben went to Kent State University and still resides in Kent, Ohio. Kent, as far as I know, is also located in northeastern Ohio.

Now, regardless of whether Ben is a Browns fan, what was Ben doing wearing the colors of the Baltimore Ravens on Thursday?? (see article here with photo) Back when Payne Stewart was sponsored by the NFL, he always reserved the local NFL team for the final round. Ben, for some reason, decided to wear Baltimore’s colors on the first round of the Booz Allen Classic at the TPC at Avenel, in Maryland. Now, I would assume the Ben is planning on wearing Redskins colors on Sunday, (CORRECTION!!! Ben is wearing Redskins’ colors Today (Friday) — Obviously, he wasn’t planning on making the cut) but come on Ben don’t disrespect your hometown Browns!! And, who looks good in purple anyways… Not you Ben!


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